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Washington is my home, but I am attending school in Idaho. I am currently a Child Development Major but I am exploring the Social Work program. Helping people is what I am passionate about and I love to hear others opinions, please comment and let's have a conversation!



This model is a representation of how relationships should work. The bars are the levels you should be at, always, in a relationship. You need to know them more than you trust them, trust them more than you rely on them, rely on them more than you can commit to them, and commitment should be higher than touch.

A lot of relationships in this generation have a greater touch ratio to the others. I feel like commitment isn’t seen as a necessary arrangement in ones life. Did you know: if you cohabit with someone before getting married, you are at a much higher risk of being divorced.

Follow this formula in your relationships and see where it takes you. I am going to say you will be much happier if you get to know someone before move in to a relationship. Dating is not gone, it is essential for getting to know the person you like. Plan a date, do not just hang out. Go out and try something new!


This post is about homosexuality.

Remember to be open minded, if you are not open to listening or reading another person’s view then you will not get anything out of an article or conversation. I am open to reading your comments but please be respectful.

When we say someone who IS gay, we are classifying them as that way. It isn’t what they are, it is a view. They have same gender attractions. It does not define them.

Daryl Bem, PhD
“It is not a problem of sexuality, it is a problem of intimacy.”

According to his chart having same gender attraction is a developed quality. My observation and belief is that no one is born with same gender attraction.

Here is his chart:

Each section is like a ladder if you are climbing down. The chart briefly explains what each section means.

How Judgemental Are You?

Little Kids are Scientists.

Little kids are the most observant people I have ever met. They will copy everything you do and sometimes, that when parents get a reality check of how they look to their children.

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I am Jessica, a college student and Brigham Young University-Idaho! I am studying Child Development and exploring the Social Work program as well. In this blog I will be writing about the most important aspect of our lives….FAMILIES. Family relationships are the best bond we can have while growing up and they are the most influential part of our lives. I will be posting some of my personal views on certain situations that effect the family and I hope that you can respect my opinion and I can’t wait to hear your opinion as well! Keep things respectful and let’s share our thoughts!