I do not come from a blended family, nor am I close to any blended families. In an older parenting book for blended families they mention 4 guidelines. Ready, set, here they are:

  1. It will take a minimum of 2 years to reach normalcy.
  2. The birth parent needs to do all of the harsh discipline.
  3. The step-parent needs to act like an aunt or uncle. (talk to the children, understand them, but stand by the spouses decision to discipline)
  4. Parents need to conference with each other every night (without the children around)

I feel that in every home, blended or not, parents should talk about the day every night. It is important to communicate what each spouse is feeling and make goals together to improve the family. Share with me your experiences as blended families. I would love to hear what advice you have for others.


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